Spustil jsem nové webové stránky na adrese petrpodzemny.cz.

Please visit my new site petrpodzemny.cz. Current site will by discontinued by early 2017.

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New website
20.11.2016 | Internet | 14991 views
After almost three years of preparations I have just launched new version of my web on petrpodzemny.cz. It will be more focused on bird ringing and birding than photography. I hope you will enjoy new design. This site will be discontinued by january 2017.   [ ... ]

Nestcam 2014 part TWO - The Great Tit
30.05.2014 | Birds | 14992 views
During April and May I had broadcasted nesting Starlings. They are growing up second brood right now (I have just ringed two chicks in the nestbox - June 10), but I decided to switch the camera to a side-view nestbox with Great Tits. Both of the adult Great Tits wear ring, however   [ ... ]

The Great Tit nest camera 2013 part two
16.07.2013 | Birds | 14958 views
Despite not having planned that I have finaly decided to stream the most interesting part of my urban Great Tits nesting online. The nest is inside a nestbox in the center of Brno, Czech Republic. From the clutch of seven eggs, six chicks hatched a week ago. Both parents keep busy feeding the nestlings and   [ ... ]

The Great Tit nest camera 2013 LIVE
30.04.2013 | Birds | 16409 views
After a great success of live cam in Blue Tit nestbox last year I decided to improve the technical stuff and broadcast again this year. Unfortunately the Blue Tits did not pick my new side-view nestbox for this season and I was forced to change my plans a little bit. Very late this spring   [ ... ]

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