Spustil jsem nové webové stránky na adrese petrpodzemny.cz.

Please visit my new site petrpodzemny.cz. Current site will by discontinued by early 2017.

New website
20.11.2016 | Internet | 14992 views

After almost three years of preparations I have just launched new version of my web on petrpodzemny.cz. It will be more focused on bird ringing and birding than photography. I hope you will enjoy new design. This site will be discontinued by january 2017.   [ ... ]

Google ranked my web for the first time
31.10.2007 | Internet | 14829 views

Regular Google PageRank upgrade took place last week and resulted in excited discussions on many blogs as lot of blogs suffered serious PageRank tumble. Reasons for that are not known but it is axpected it was due to buying links. Little explanation at the beginning: Generaly speaking, Google Pagerank is a way Google uses to rate   [ ... ]