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Nestcam 2014 part TWO - The Great Tit

30.05.2014 16:00 | Birds
During April and May I had broadcasted nesting Starlings. They are growing up second brood right now (I have just ringed two chicks in the nestbox - June 10), but I decided to switch the camera to a side-view nestbox with Great Tits. Both of the adult Great Tits wear ring, however I have not controlled them yet so I can not tell their life-story at present. Sorry for the annoying adds, I can do nothing to remove them, the streaming server is responsible for that. However, I hope you enjoy the video anyway.

If you saw anything interesting on the video or had questions, feel free to ask via comments below.

Update June 10. First chicks hatched in the morning, adults are busy bringing food. There are extreme temperatures these days in NE Czech Rep. (well over 30°C last few days), hope the little birds will make it, the nestbox is shaded most of the day.
Unfortunatelly the microphone stopped working a week ago, so there is no sound any more. I left the sound ON in case the mic started working again, no matter the odds are low.

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