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The Great Tit nest camera 2013 LIVE

30.04.2013 11:00 | Birds
After a great success of live cam in Blue Tit nestbox last year I decided to improve the technical stuff and broadcast again this year. Unfortunately the Blue Tits did not pick my new side-view nestbox for this season and I was forced to change my plans a little bit. Very late this spring - on April 15 I placed a new nestbox suitable for larger birds. It was discowered by Great Tits within two hours and after a little sruggle with Tree Sparrows, the Great Tits built a complete nest inside 72 hours (!!!) after the box was placed. The broadcast is supported via ustream.tv by now. Good thing is it is free of charge, but all the adds are annoying. If the broadcast becomes as popular as last year, I will consider another solution.

The breeding diary

June 2 All the young birds have left the nest by early morning. There is nothing but wishing them good luck left to be done. Hope to see them soon nearby.

May 23 I have controlled the female recently: She was ringed in January 2012 nearby and controlled in March 2012 at the same place. It is likely she was breedning in the neighbourhood already last year.

May 14 First four chicks have just hatched. Little earlier than expected - only 12 days after laying the last egg. The male brings tiny insects to feed the brood.

May 13 Everything is as expected - the female incubates her seven eggs. No sign of the male inside the nestbox feeding her so far. At least I have not noticed. If you saw the male inside, please leave a comment below.

May 6 Seven eggs seem to be the final count. First chicks should hatch by the end of the next week.

May 2 It is raining in the morning, the female stays in the nest most of the time. Seven eggs.

May 1 The female stays on the nest in the morning, the incubation period might start soon. Six eggs in the nest.

April 30 Five eggs should be in the nest by now. Hard to say, however, the female hides them very carefuly. Nothing special happens these days as the nest is empty most of the time. The female comes home several times during the morning and returns to roost in the evening.

April 27 Two eggs in the nestbox

April 26 First egg laid.

April 21 Camera installed into the nestbox.

April 20 Great Tits are the winners - there is almost complete nest inside.

April 18 Tree Sparrows seem also interested. There are some fights,

April 17 New nestbox was placed. Great Tits discovered it within two hours.

Both parents wear metal rings on left tarsus. I did not manage to check the nuber yet so I do not know exactly who they are. I suppose I ringed them during last winter at the feeder nearby, but there might be some kind of surprise, we will see.

Great Tit (Parus major).

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