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Blue Tit Nest Box 2012 LIVE

17.04.2012 21:00 | Birds
I have always wanted to be able to watch the most intimate part of birds live: the breeding closely. After some planning and setting up I have finally lounched an online cam placed in a Blue Tit nest box. In following weeks everyone is wellcome to join me and watch breeding of Blue Tits in my garden.

The first egg was layed on April 16. Clutch consists of nine eggs, incubation started on April 24, therefore nestlings should hatch on May 4-5. I hope everything will be OK both with the birds and the technical equipment so that we could observe the complete raising of the new Blue Tit generation. The camera allows black and white nightvision and colour broadcasting in the daylight. No sound is available at the moment.

Breeding diary

- May 21 All nine nestlings were ringed this afternoon.
- May 17 The oldest nestlings opened their eyes for the first time this morning.
- May 7 First nestlings hatched this morning!
- April 29 First technical difficulties appeared unfortunately. The streaming laptop went off several times and the site was off air almost all day. I hope I can solve that soon.
- April 27 Clutch of eleven eggs seems to be complete as no egg was layed this night.
- April 26 Egg #11 layed overnight. Fhe female seems to be incubating since nineth egg. The male visits the box and feeds her sometimes.
- April 25 Egg #10 in the nest in the morning.
- April 24 The clutch consists of nine eggs, the female seems to have started incubating.
- April 16 First egg was layed.
- April 15 The female spends the first night in the box.
- April 8 The nest is almost complete, camera is installed into the box.
- March 24 Building of the nest started.
- March 19 The male captured and ringed.
- March 3 Blue Tits first seen visiting the box
- the nest box was placed in mid February.

Link to the USTREAM page of this broadcast.
Open the stream in POP UP WINDOW

Older videos

May 18th

One more feeding

Male Blue Tit feeding female on the nest.

Female returning to the nest with eight eggs

Recent pictures

Male on May 8th.

Male after ringing on May 8th.

Female on May 8th.

Female with ring on May 8th

Nestlings on May 8th.

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